Softener Carezza

Water softener cabinet with proportional volumetric regeneration

It has been designed with special attention to practicality and easy handling, it is a simple and functional model, featuring linear and modern shapes. Available in two versions: a smaller 14 l model (C14), suitable for families of 3/4 persons, and a larger model (C25) with 25 l of resin, suitable also for larger families.

Carezza water softeners operates with HALF-FULL brine tank with 2 filling steps: allowing the water and salt consumption reduction, accordingly with the real resin regeneration needs and reducing the salt bridges formation. Holiday mode setting available allows water saving while keeping resins efficient. The softener is equipped with a handy 2-colour pull-out display with conventional keyboard that gives the user information about:

  • Cyclic capacity and residual capacity
  • Average number of people served by the water softener and its reserve
  • Estimated number of days before next regeneration
  • Date of last regeneration and total number of regenerations
  • Total amount of water treated by softener
  • Amount of untreated water, if any, in the last 4 regenerations
  • Operating flow rate and maximum peak flow rate since last regeneration


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