Water filter ASPR

Self-cleaning cyclone filter

ASPR filters are fitted with a CYCLONIC cleaning mode and with an external bulkhead that wraps around the filtering cartridge; this mode is much more efficient than the one that occurs with the classical brushes. Therefore a suction vortex that conveys the particles outside the glass is activated; no heavy brushing will be carried out, thus avoiding the classic occlusive effect and allowing the impurities to be transported towards the drain.


Code | Package: MY/ASPR3 | 1 piece
MY/ASPR4 | 1 piece
MY/ASPR8 | 1 piece
Important note: Filter start-up
The filter must be installed before the softener (if present), or in any case immediately after the meter. After installation, the filter must be rinsed with running water. Before washing the filter, slowly open the drain valve and make sure the drain hose is connected and terminates in a container wide enough to collect the drain water.
Instructions for use: Routine maintenance
The filter must be cleaned as often as necessary, depending on the water characteristics but in any case at least once a month with a washing it for at least 30 seconds: Open the drain valve by turning the black knob to the (ON) position. While the water is flowing into the drain, rotate the lower white part of the filter (under the black ring nut) 3-4 times clockwise and anti-clockwise every 5/6 seconds, intermittently: in this way, the external bulkhead surrounding the filter cartridge will activate a suction vortex that will move the particles collected in the bowl outside, without heavy brushing, and thus avoiding the classic clogging effect.

Extraordinary maintenance
When the filter has not been cleaned for a long time, it may be necessary to disassemble it and thoroughly clean each component. This operation can be performed only by qualified professional operators.

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