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Improve performance

Maychem develops and manufactures sealing products, antifreezes, heat transfer fluids, high-efficiency cleaners, and inhibitors. These can be used in various types of systems.

MAYCHEM’s roots date back to 1975, when the company began offering sealing services and sales of just two products to seal leaks on heating systems. Continuous investment in research for new solutions, but above all the training of its staff, led the company during the 1990s to produce for large and multinational companies throughout Europe.

Thermohydraulics and Construction

Maychem Srl specializes in chemical products for thermohydraulics such as:

  • Sealants for heating and tap water installations
  • Sealant for solar heating installations
  • Special sealants for swimming pools, gas screw connections etc.
  • Cleaners for heating installations
  • Protective agents (inhibitors) for heating systems with radiators or floor heating
  • High efficiency inhibited antifreeze agents for solar, geothermal and heating systems
  • Cleaner (external) for photovoltaic and solar thermal panels
  • Descaler for tap water installations and aluminium heat exchangers
  • Cleaning acid and neutralizing liquid for heat exchangers
  • Cleaner for air conditioners and fan convectors
  • Cleaner for external deposits on heat exchangers
  • Drain cleaner
  • Dirt separators and magnetic filters for heating systems
  • Water softeners and tap water filters