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Maychem Srl specializes in chemical products for thermohydraulics such as:

  • Sealants for heating and tap water installations
  • Sealant for solar heating installations
  • Special sealants for swimming pools, gas screw connections etc.
  • Cleaners for heating installations
  • Protective agents (inhibitors) for heating systems with radiators or floor heating
  • High efficiency inhibited antifreeze agents for solar, geothermal and heating systems
  • Cleaner (external) for photovoltaic and solar thermal panels
  • Descaler for tap water installations and aluminium heat exchangers
  • Cleaning acid and neutralizing liquid for heat exchangers
  • Cleaner for air conditioners and fan convectors
  • Cleaner for external deposits on heat exchangers
  • Drain cleaner
  • Dirt separators and magnetic filters for heating systems
  • Water softeners and tap water filters