Softener Stelvio

Water softener cabinet with proportional volumetric regeneration

With simple and modern shapes, suitable also as furnishing element and available in 3 versions: a smaller 12 l model (ST12), suitable for families of 3 persons, a larger model available, with the same size, with 30 l (ST30) or 34 l (ST34) of resin.

STELVIO water softeners operates with HALF-FULL brine tank with 2 filling steps: allowing the water and salt consumption reduction, accordingly with the real resin regeneration needs and reducing the salt bridges formation. Holiday mode setting available allows water saving while keeping resins effi cient.
The softener is equipped with a colour pull-out LCD display, with intuitive icons (smartphone type) and touch sensitive keyboard, that allows the user to view simple and clear information about:

  • Date and time
  • Time at which the softener performs regeneration
  • Water hardness set
  • Cyclic capacity (total amount of water that the softener can treat before regeneration takes place)
  • Residual capacity (amount of water that can still be softened before regeneration is complete)
  • Remaining percentage of softening capacity (before subsequent regeneration is performed)
  • Current water flow rate • Holiday mode activation/deactivation
  • Operating flow rate and maximum peak flow rate since last regeneration


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