Magnetic filter

Magnetic filter for systems up to 35 kW

Mayline MiniDefmag is a compact magnetic fi lter that thanks to its compact size it can be installed under the boiler, on the return line upstream of the circulation pump, using right-angle fi ttings, i.e. with horizontal body and inlet, vertical outlet facing upwards and drain downwards. The MiniDefmag fi lter is equipped with a 800μm fi ltration degree internal mesh to retain the circulating non-magnetic particles, while the magnetic ones will be attracted by the 12,000 Gauss neodymium magnet. The special structure of the sludge separator allows cleaning the fi lter with direct flow and counter-flow; the simultaneous extraction of the magnet allows the effective removal of all sediments through the drain.


  • 12,000 Gauss Neodymium magnet;
  • Installation with right-angle fittings with horizontal body;
  • Removes magnetic and non-magnetic particles;
  • Stainless steel filter with separator bulkhead in flow direction with 800µm mesh;
  • Easy cleaning and rinsing via the drain valve;
  • Low pressure drop;
  • Suitable for installation on gas boilers etc.;
  • Resistant up to 90° C;
  • Suitable for glycol solutions.
  • Magnete al Neodimio da 12.000 Gauss;
  • Montaggio con gli attacchi a squadra a 90° con il corpo in orizzontale;
  • Rimuove le particelle magnetiche e non magnetiche;
  • Filtro in acciaio inox con paratia separatore in direzione di flusso con maglie a 800µm;
  • Facile pulizia e risciacquo tramite la valvola di scarico;
  • Bassa perdita di carico;
  • Idoneo per installazioni su caldaie a gas etc.;
  • Resistente fi no a 90° C;
  • Idoneo per soluzioni glicolate.


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