Magnetic sludge separator

Magnetic sludge separator for systems up to 35 kW

Mayline DEFMAG 2 is a magnetic sludge separator that, developping an a helicoidal action, is able to separate and remove all impurities, such as iron oxide, sludge, various types of deposits, sand, etc. from the system water. Mayline DEFMAG 2 is suitable for use in all domestic systems and is installed in the return circuit, at the boiler inlet, to prevent impurities from being deposited inside the heat exchanger. Mayline DEFMAG 2 is very versatile thanks to the swivel diverter body and also allows for vertical or diagonal installation without compromising performance.


  • Helicoidal technology with 12,000 Gauss Neodymium magnet;
  • Installation on both horizontal and vertical pipes via an adjustable ring nut;
  • Vertical or 45° inclined installation; • Removes any magnetic and non-magnetic particles;
  • Non-stick filter in flow direction to ensure decantation of non-magnetic impurities;
  • Self-cleaning: easy cleaning and rinsing via a drain valve;
  • Low pressure drop;
  • Suitable for heating, cooling, heat pumps, biomass installations, etc.;
  • Resistant up to 90° C;
  • Suitable for glycol solutions;
  • Anti-stripping wrench supplied.


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