Mayline myNOACI

Acid condensate neutraliser

Compact acid condensate neutraliser for condensing boilers up to 35kW

A condensing boiler suitable for an average home can produce up to 1 litre of acidic condensate (pH 3.5-4.0) per cubic meter of gas consumed. Mayline myNOACI increases pH of acid condensate included in condensing boilers exhausted smokes up to values from 6,5 to 9, preventing damages to pipes and enviroment. The Mayline myNOACI compact neutraliser for acidic condensate water has been developed to offer an environmentally friendly and practical solution able to be fitted in small spaces.


Code | Package: MY/NOACI | 10 pieces
MY/RENOACI | 10 pieces of refill bags
Important note: Maintenance
Maintenance of the neutraliser should be carried out at regular intervals and, in any case, at least after each heating season. Maintenance consists only in refilling the neutralising granules when they have reached the “MIN” level. If the device is installed horizontally, the filling level can be checked through the rectangular window; if it is installed vertically, it can be checked through the oval window.
• Disconnect the pipes from the inlet and outlet fittings of the neutralising cartridge.
• Place the cartridge vertically and disconnect the inlet cap by slightly rotating it.
• Pour in the neutralising material refill until the MAX indication is reached.
• Reposition the cap at the inlet, taking care to use grease for the O-rings and making a slight rotation.
• Press the cartridge back into the collars and connect the pipes.
• Turn the inspection windows to the front position for easier reading.
Instructions for use: • Locate an appropriate position for neutraliser installation considering also the spaces required for inlet and outlet pipes.
• Fix the 2 supplied collars to the wall.
• Press fit the cartridge inside the collars.
• Connect the pipe from the boiler to the cartridge inlet.
• Connect a pipe to the neutraliser outlet and convey the other end to the drain.

NOTE: The cartridge can be positioned horizontally with a slight inclination or vertically. Turn the inspection windows to the front position for easier reading.
Disposal: The granules are made of a dolomitic filter material and can be disposed of in domestic waste, unless otherwise stipulated by national or local regulations.

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