Polyphosphate dosing unit with 1/2 inch connections

Dosing device with polyphosphate beads able to prevent the formation of limescale in domestic hot water distribution systems.

In order to protect domestic water heating systems from limescale and corrosion, it is possible to add certain chemical products (particularly polyphosphate salts) to the drinking water. The myFLOWDOS system guarantees precise dosage and the correct consumption of polyphosphate in relation to the treated water.
myFLOWDOS is equipped with 3 connectors in a T arrangement to facilitate the installation of the product. The unused output connection is closed with the corresponding cap.

– container resistant to temperatures down to -20 °C
– Mounting in both vertical position (recommended) and horizontal position
– 3 connections with 1/2” (1 connection piece with 1/2” included)
– 1 cap with 1/2” included for the unused output port
– Precise and consistent dosage
– Up to 30 cubic meters with a certified Mayline myFLOWREDOS refill cartridge
– max. flow rate of 1.5 m³/h
– max. operating pressure of 10 bar
– Easy to refill by replacing the polyphosphate filter cartridge


Code | Package: MY/FLOWDOS | 10 pieces
MY/FLOWREDOS | 2 pieces (refill cartridges)
Important note: myFLOWDOS is a product MADE IN ITALY with high-quality materials such as nickel-plated brass and high-strength polymer. The container (resistant to -20 °C) contains a filter cartridge with polyphosphate beads, which is designed to process up to 30 cubic meters and lasts up to approx. 6 months in a 4-person household.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For hygiene reasons, the polyphosphate filter cartridge must be replaced after 12 months at the latest.
The polyphosphate beads comply with existing EC standards (EN 1208).
Use of polyphosphate filter cartridges other than the original Maychem MyFLOWREDOS polyphosphate filter cartridge will void the warranty.
Instructions for use: 1) Disconnect power to the boiler and close the upstream domestic cold-water inlet by acting on the tap, open any domestic water tap and the domestic draining tap to allow the pressure in the domestic water circuit to be released.
2) Locate an appropriate position for dosing unit installation considering also the spaces required to remove the container for replacing the polyphosphate cartridge. Close the unused outlet port with the appropriate cap provided.
3) Mount the dosing unit on the cold-water supply line for hot water preparation on the boiler. It is recommended to install a shut-off valve (not included) in front of the inlet of the dosing unit.
4) Reopen the cold-water inlet tap.
5) Check the correct installation and open the shut-off valve (not included). In this way, the water flows into the container and comes into contact with the polyphosphate cartridge inside and allows the polyphosphate salt to be released evenly, ensuring precise dosing.

myFLOWDOS - Technical datasheet