Mayline XS

Antifreeze agent

Inhibited high performing ethylene glycol based antifreeze agent

Mayline XS is a high performing antifreeze liquid based on ethylene glycol, combined with a protective package of inhibitors. This specifi c formulation avoids the formation of rust and corrosion on all materials present in a system such as iron, steel, copper (and its alloys), aluminium (and its alloys), synthetic materials (eg PEX pipe) and mixed materials (eg multilayer pipe) and protects too gaskets and seals. Mayline XS is suitable for protecting all types of heating and cooling systems, designed to use with ethylene glycol.


Code | Package: 10/MYXS | canister 10kg
20/MYXS | canister 20 kg
25/MYXS | canister 25 kg
200MYXS | drum 200 kg
1000/MYXS | IBC 1000 kg
Important note: Restore the system with a cleaner such as Mayline SOLAR, and then thoroughly rinse the system with the clean water before inserting Mayline XS with the clean water. Mayline XS can be mixed with the protective agent Mayline K32 for mixing proportion then 30%, as well with Mayline self sealing liquid Mayline F, but NOT with other chemicals or substances. Dilute the product in volumetric ratio as indicated in the table and mix very well. Antifreeze mix of glycol/water with a pH value lower than 7.5, must be replaced.
Instructions for use: For systems to restore, empty the circuit and load with the clean water, then use a cleaner as Mayline SOLAR for removing the degraded antifreeze mix of glycol/water. For further details, see the technical data sheet of Mayline SOLAR. Calculate the content of the system for the correct amount of Mayline XS in the needed mixing proportion. Half fi ll the system with water, then add the antifreeze agent Mayline XS, and fi ll the circuit completely with water, vent it well and turn on the pumps to put the water/glycol mix into circulation. After about an hour (after 2-3 hours on large systems) check the concentration with an optical refractometer for diethylene glycols to determine the freeze protection. If the freeze protection is too low, add further antifreeze agent Mayline XS. It is recommended to check the needed antifreeze protection and that the pH value is not lower than 7.5, to be carried out at least every 12 months to ensure a proper functioning.
Safety informations: In the event of eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with much water and consult a doctor. In the event of skin contact, rinse well with water. Wear gloves and protective eyewear. Use water to immediately remove the product from objects such as tiles, flooring, wash basins, etc. Keep out of reach of children!
Mixing proportions: Refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS)
Mixing proportions: amount of antifreeze (% vol.) | antifreeze protection at
12% = -4°C
18% = -9°C
30% = -17°C
40% = -26°C
50% = -38°C
Transport: The product is not hazardous for transport. The indications are provided based on actual experience. Technical changes are possible.
Disposal: For information concerning waste disposal/effluent, please consult the corresponding safety data sheet.
Shelf life: Shelf life 5 years (from date of manufacture)

Technical Datasheet