Mayline SOLAR

Cleaner for removal degraded heat transfer fluids

Concentrated cleaner for removal degraded heat transfer fluids, sludge and blockages in thermal solar heating circuits

Mayline SOLAR is characterized by an alkaline pH. The formula is equipped with specific dispersants developed to eliminate deposits, sediments and sludge formed of degraded heat transfer fluids in any type of installation treated with glycol/water mixtures. Mayline Solar effectively removes the deposits left by the heat transfer fluid due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures. To high temperatures creates a biodegradative processes are triggered such that the thermal fluid darkens, giving rise to phenomena of increased viscosity, formation of solid deposits and reduction of the diameter of the pipes with an increase in acidity that is harmful to the system. With this product the optimal conditions of the system are restored and its life extended as well as making a significant contribution to costs related to maintenance or repairs.


Codice | Confezione: 5/MYSOL | 5 l canister
1/MYSOL | 1 l (pack of 12 bottles)
Nota importante: Do not exceed the system temperature of 65 ° C, in the case of a solar thermal system where it can exceed 65 ° C, cover the solar panels. Mayline SOLAR cannot be mixed with other chemicals. Follow the instructions for use carefully to avoid damage to pumps and control valves. The product must be removed from the system after cleaning. After cleaning, neutralize with Mayline Neutro and RINSE WELL WITH THE CLEAN WATER. The product can be used with all materials present in a solar thermal system such as steel, copper, aluminum and gaskets. Load solar systems exclusively with NON-TOXIC anti-freeze liquids based on propylene glycol with high efficient inhibitors, such as Mayline FS or Mayline FSP. Protect the product from frost.
Istruzioni d'uso: Completely empty the system and use a proper flushing pump to insert the cleaner into the circuit and dilute it as required, for example:
10% for normal sludgy in the heating circuit,
20% to eliminate heavily deposits and sludge from the solar heating circuits.
Activate the pump, preventively prepared with the cleaner solution, and keep it in circulation for at least 60 minutes and extend these times up to 4 hours for very sludgy systems. If necessary, also renew the cleaning solution. After the cleaning process, empty the system and treat it with Mayline NEUTRO for 20minutes, then rinse the system well with the clean water.
Dati di sicurezza: In the event of eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with much water and consult a doctor. In the event of skin contact, rinse well with water. Wear gloves and protective eyewear. Use water to immediately remove the product from objects such as tiles, flooring, wash basins, etc. Keep out of reach of children!
Composizione: Refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS)
Proporzione di miscela: 10 - 20% (10 - 20 litres of Mayline SOLAR for every 100litres of water). ATTENTION! THE PRODUCT MUST NOT BE OVER OR UNDER DOSED.
Transport: The product is not hazardous for transport. The indicationsare provided based on actual experience. Technical changes are possible.
Smaltimento: For information concerning waste disposal/effluent, please consult the corresponding safety data sheet.
Scadenza: Shelf life 5 years (from date of manufacture)

Mayline Solar - Technical data sheet