Mayline S26

Descaler for tap water installations

Descaler to remove encrustations in tap water installations and heat exchangers for hot water

Mayline S26 is a concentrated descaler which eliminates lime scales and rust deposits from drinking water circuits. A chemical treatment with Mayline S26 is the safest and fastest way to restore a warm or cold tap water circuit full functionality. Mayline S26 can be used to remove lime scale and rust from pipes, heat exchangers and boilers. Mayline S26 can be employed in conjunction with all commonly used materials, such as steel, copper, brass and galvanised materials. It contains high level of inhibitors which protect all the components against the aggressive action of the descaler during the chemical cleaning process. The product is also suitable for cleaning pumps and valves, above all for cleaning cooling towers without interrupting their function. Mayline S26 is a slightly foaming liquid to be diluited with water, it dissolves lime scale and rust deposits. The reaction increases if the descaler is heated to a max. temperature of 45 °C. (recommended 30-40°C.)



Code | Package: 5/MYS26 | 5 l canister
1/MYS26 | 1 l (pack of 12 bottles)
Important note: The system’s temperature must not exceed 45 °C if it is filled with Mayline S26. Mayline S26 cannot be mixed with other chemicals. Follow our instructions scrupulously in order to avoid damaging of the components. After the cleaning process has been completed, the product must be removed from the system and the descaled treated components must be neutralized with Mayline Neutro and then rinse thoroughly with the clean water. Protect the product from frost.
Instructions for use: Completely empty the system to be descaled. Use a proper flushing pump to insert the descaler into the circuit and diluite it as required, for example:
10% for regular cleaning or maintenance with low encrustions,
20 or 25% for cleaning or maintenance with stronger lime scale deposits,
15% for heat exchangers in aluminium,
25% for all other heat exchangers. Activate the pump, preventively prepared with the descaling solution, and keep it in circulation for at least 30 minutes. For heavily encrusted systems extend the application time up to 120 minutes. If the cleaning solution is consumed, add further descaler in order to continue with the chemical cleaning process. Once the cleaning process has been completed, the liquid must be drained from the system. For neutralizing the descaled treated components use Mayline Neutro and leave in circulation for 20 minutes, then proceed to rinse it well with clean water.
Safety informations: In the event of eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with much water and consult a doctor. In the event of skin contact, rinse well with water. Wear gloves and protective eyewear. Use water to immediately remove the product from objects such as tiles, flooring, wash basins, etc. Keep out of reach of children!
Mixing proportions: Refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS).
Mixing proportions: 10-25% (10 - 25 litres of Mayline S26 for every 100 litres of water), recommended 15%. For aluminium components use max. 15%, all other materials use max. 25%.
Transport: The product is not hazardous for transport. The indicationsare provided based on actual experience. Technical changes are possible.
Disposal: For information concerning waste disposal/effluent, please consult the corresponding safety data sheet.
Shelf life: Shelf life 5 years (from date of manufacture)

Mayline S26 - Technical datasheet