Mayline R13

Descaler for heating installations

Descaler to remove encrustations in heating installations and there heat exchangers

Mayline R13 is a concentrated descaler which eliminates lime scales and rust deposits from heating installations and there heat exchangers. A chemical treatment with Mayline R13 is the safest and fastest way to restore a warm or cold tap water circuit full functionality. Mayline R13 can be used to remove lime scale and rust from pipes, heat exchangers and boilers. The product is also suitable for cleaning pumps and valves, without interrupting their function. Mayline R13 can be employed in conjunction with all commonly used materials, such as steel, copper, brass and galvanised materials. It contains high levels of inhibitors which protect all the components against the aggressive action of the descaler during the chemical cleaning process. Mayline R13 is a slightly foaming liquid to be diluted with water, it dissolves lime scale and rust deposits. The reaction increases if the descaler is heated to a max. temperature of 45 °C (recommended 30-40°C.).


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Technical Datasheet