Mayline R99

Sanitizing cleaner for air conditioning

Sanitizing cleaner for air conditioning, finned coils, fan coils and washable filters

Mayline R99 is a product specifi cally designed for the maintenance of fi nned coils, air fi lters and fan coils. Periodic maintenance of the system allows for better operation, better heat exchange, a protective barrier against the formation of biological deposits such as algae, moulds and bacteria (eg legionella pneumophila). Mayline R99 is a formulation combined with surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, bio-oxidants and bio-dispersants, which allows the product immediatelly to remove all types of dirt and pollutants normally present on the surfaces of batteries and fi lters. It removes dirt, biological deposits, and those caused by impurities in the air, to eliminate the bad odours.


Code | Package: 500/MYR99 | 500 ml (pack of 6 spray bottles) 5/MYR99 | 5l canister
Important note: Do not mix with other cleaners for air conditioning or other cleaning substances. Strictly follow our instructions for use. After cleaning, turn on the air conditioner so that the condensation water is created or rinse thoroughly by spraying tap water on the coil. Protect the product from frost.
Instructions for use: CLEANING OF FAN COILS SYSTEMS 1) Remove the external casing and extract the fi lter. 2) Spray the Mayline R99 solution on the coils and leave to act for a few minutes. 3) The re-rinsing takes place with the condensed water after turn on the air conditioner or manually with a sprayer mist pump with tap water. 4) The rinse water will come out of the condensate drain. The rigid cell filters must be washed with the same procedure as for the coils. Do not blow on the fi lters with the compressor to avoid the spread of bacteria. Disposable filters must be sanitized with Mayline R99 before disposal.
Safety informations: In the event of eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with much water and consult a doctor. In the event of skin contact, rinse well with water. Wear gloves and protective eyewear. Use water to immediately remove the product from objects such as tiles, flooring, wash basins, etc. Keep out of reach of children!
Mixing proportions: Refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS)
Mixing proportions: DO NOT DILUTE. The product comes ready for use.
Transport: The product is not hazardous for transport. The indications are provided based on actual experience. Technicalchanges are possible.
Disposal: For information concerning waste disposal/effluent, please consult the corresponding safety data sheet.
Shelf life: Shelf life 5 years (from date of manufacture)

Technical Datasheet