Mayline PVS

Special cleaner for surfaces of solar panels

High concentrated special cleaner for surfaces of photovoltaic- and thermal solar panels

Mayline PVS is a 100% active concentrate and has been developed specifi cally for cleaning the sensitive glasses of photovoltaic modules and solar thermal panels, but also especially designed to prevent damages as is the case with standard cleaning agents. Mayline PVS cleans stubborn soiling such as resin, soot, bird droppings, oil and grease. Suitable for all types of solar modules as SiGe glass, molded glass, flat glass, diffusing glass etc. A cleaning of photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors is recommended every 6 months to maintain their best effi ciency. Mayline PVS releases a protective fi lm creating a smooth surface, to avoid that settle again of soiling, and also eases the subsequent cleaning operations. Mayline PVS cleans thoroughly the panels from:

  • Oily and greasy sediments
  • Soot
  • Resins of plants
  • Algae, moss and pollen
  • Bird droppings


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