Mayline POOL

Self-sealing liquid for pools

Self-sealing liquid for swimming pools

Mayline POOL self-sealing liquid eliminates water leaks in pools of almost any size, sealing both pipes and joints. The product is suitable for use with all common materials, such as plastic, PVC, metal, concrete and others. The potential of sealing with Mayline POOL are a lost of MAX. 24cm of level in 24 hours, no matter how much water content it has.


Code | Package: 10/MYPOOL | Canister zu 10 L
Important note: DO NOT use the pool in the sealing phase. Remove or bypass all filters. Absolutely avoid the contact of the sealant with the sand filters during the sealing phase. After sealing the pool does not need to be emptied. After sealing, collect all the fibers and flush the pool abundantly with mains water without emptying it. ATTENTION! Sealing is NOT GUARANTEED, especially if the pool leak is related to structural problems such as movement of the side supports or foundations. The product is not suitable for sealing swimming pools filled with saline and/or sea water. Protect the product from frost.
Instructions for use: If the swimming pools contain oily substances must be carefully cleaned before using Mayline POOL self sealing liquid. Verify the water content in litres of the swimming pool to be sealed. Remove the swimming pool’s filters and insert the product. Insert reciprocating pumps into the swimming pool and allow the product to circulate for about 48 hours. Reinstall the filters and activate the pool’s pump to emoves any fibres that are still in circulation. Wash the pools filters three times at 2 hour intervals. It is recommended to NOT use the swimming pool during the sealing phase. The pool does not have to be emptied once the sealing process has been completed.

Sealing pool pipes: remove all nozzles/vents and close all pool water intakes. Bypass all filter systems. Circulate the mixture in the pipes for 48 hours using an external pump, possibly with at least 1 bar of pressure. After sealing, empty the pipes and rinse thoroughly with water. Reassemble the nozzles/vents and reopen all the water intakes of the pool.
Safety informations: In the event of eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with much water and consult a doctor. In the event of skin contact, rinse well with water. Wear gloves and protective eyewear. Use water to immediately remove the product from objects such as tiles, flooring, wash basins, etc. Keep out of reach of children!
Mixing proportions: Refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS)
Mixing proportions: 0.1% (1 litre of Mayline POOL for every 1.000 litres of water contained in the swimming pool). Increase the concentration in the case of large leaks.
1-2% (1-2 liters of sealant to 100 liters of water) for sealing swimming pool pipes.
Transport: The product is not hazardous for transport. The indications are provided based on actual experience. Technical changes are possible.
Disposal: For information concerning waste disposal/effluent, please consult the corresponding safety data sheet
Shelf life: Shelf life 5 years (from date of manufacture)

Technical Datasheet